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What Do Your Dashboard Lights Mean?

You're familiar with the tiny symbols that light up every time you start your car. But do you know what each of them mean? 

Learn the basics behind some of your dashboard lights so that next time they call for help, you'll know how to answer.


Brake System

The brake system warning light is an exclamation point for a reason. Brakes are important, and if this light is on that means your car is sensing something wrong with your brakes or brake fluids. You should have your brakes checked as soon as possible.


Coolant Warning Light

What looks like a thermometer in a couple of waves of water is trying to tell you that your car is near overheating. If this light comes on, you should pull over and turn the car off so it has a chance to cool down.


Oil Warning Light

The oil light can tell you that there's something wrong with your oil pressure. You may be low on oil, which is very bad for a car and could lead to costly repairs. Check your oil levels as soon as you can and top off if need be.


Battery Charge Warning Light

You will see a battery icon if your battery needs maintenance. If it remains on, you'll need to have it checked by a professional. Watch for this in the winter time, especially, when cold weather takes its toll on the battery.


Engine Warning Light

This light could mean a number of things and will usually be accompanied by other noticeable problems. Don't drive with this light on for very long, or you could cause further damage. Have a mechanic look at it as soon as possible.


Traction Control / ESP

The traction control light is likely a good indicator that road conditions are pretty slippery. Fortunately, this light is also an indicator that your vehicle's anti-skid or electronic stability system has kicked in to help keep you safe.


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