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How to Change a Flat Tire

Unfortunately, tires don't hold out forever. If you find yourself on the road with a flat tire, here's how to replace it yourself instead of calling a tow company.

First off, you'll need a few things:

  •    A spare tire
  •    A jack
  •    A lug wrench
How to Change a Flat Tire 


Pull over - safely!

If you get a flat on the highway, it's best to take the nearest exit and pull off on a side road. Wide space and lack of incline makes it easier to work. Make sure to put on your hazards as soon as you get the flat and keep them on when you pull over.


Loosen the lug nuts

Don't remove the lug nuts from the tire yet. Just use your lug nut wrench (which should be stored somewhere with your jack) to loosen each lug nut one-by-one.


Lift up your car

No, not with your hands! Check your owner's manual to see where to place your jack. Then, use the jack to lift your car off the ground until it's about six inches up.


Remove lug nuts & tire

Now that your car is sitting off the ground, loosen the lug nuts all the way. Be sure to put them somewhere that you won't lose them because you'll need them for your new tire. After they're removed, grab your tire and pull it straight off.


Replace tire & lower your car

Now, put your spare tire on (push it straight on) and replace all the lug nuts, tightening them one at a time until they are secure. After that's done, lower your car back to the ground using the jack.

Put your tools away, turn off your hazards, and hit the road! Remember, if you need any help or advice, Valencia Nissan is always here with answers. 


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